Toeic Speaking – Bài 5 P2 – Propose A Solution - Sample test (Part 1)

Trong công việc hay trong cuộc sống thì luôn có những vấn đề cần phải giải quyết, và cách giải quyết thông minh sẽ giúp bạn gây ấn tượng với người khác. Bài toeic speaking trước Ms Hoa đã giới thiệu một số phương pháp giải quyết vấn đề với tiếng anh. Hôm nay chúng ta đến với phần nói tiếng anh của Ms Quynh Anh để giúp các bạn quen thuộc hơn với cách nói của người bản ngữ.

Nội dung video Toeic Speaking – Bài 5 P2 – Propose A Solution - Sample test (Part 1)

Hello guys, it’s me! Quynh Anh again from Ms Hoa Toeic. I hope that you won’t be bored that seeing me too much. And to day, we are going to discuss something very useful and important in working environment. I hope that you still remember what we have discussed last time about “How to describe a picture”. So what we are going to do today?

Today we are going to deal with very difficult factors in working environment. I hope that you have different jobs and you have to deal with different people, however, I think that the people around you are not always happy. They will complain sometimes. To day we are going to learn some techniques and skills to deal with that kind of things. And the name of the lesson today in to “Propose a solutions”.

Toeic Speaking – Bài 5 P2
Học toeic speaking với propose a solution
Okay, so let’s first, we will talk about the format of this part in the toeic speaking exam. In this part, you need to know some techniques but don’t worry about anything because everything will be on this board and then it will be very easy for you to follow. In this part, you need to follow a few steps.

The first one: when you reply to complaints from your clients, from your customers or from your boss, you need a short introduction. If you’re talking to your boss, so no introduction because he or she knows you already. However, if you got a message from your customers, or from your clients, you need to remember to introduce yourself. So how to introduce yourself? First of all, you can say “hello” and you address your clients or customers.

For example: “Hello, Ms Quynh Anh”. And then you need to introduce yourself. “I am Carol from Ms Hoa Toeic” so you need to remember first, to address your customers or your clents.

Second, you introduce yourself: your name or your position, if ou thinks it is necessary.

For example, if I introduce myself, I am going to say: hello ms Simpson, I’m Quynh Anh from ms Hoa Toeic. I am the administrator at this English center. So I have just introduced my name and my position at ms Hoa Toeic. So after the introduction, what you have to do: You need to summarize the problems. So you need to have some sentences or you need to know the structures of How to summarize the problems.

First of all, you need to make sure to understand what the problem is? For example, you can say: I’ve got a message and I understand.

When you talk about the problem, you also need to say “sorry” because you customers and your clients aren’t happy right now. So you need to make sure that you know how to apologize in the right way. Don’t just say that : sory. It’s not appropriate. You need to show that you are really sorry about that and you want to fix this. “I am sory about your problems” or “I am very sorry about the issues that you are getting involved in”. Since you need to make your customers or your clients feel very comfortable and feel that they are taken care well of. So remember that you introduce yourself, you summarize the problems, you say sorry. What you have todo next?

And now, it’s the most important part you need to remember. If you forget this, so it’s no use of you and me or even the lesson today you can propose a solution. So when you want to propose a solution, you need to understand what’s problems is,so you have a suitavle appropriate solution.

For example, if I am working for Ms Hoa Toeic and then the student calling me about the textbook. The textbook is not clear enough for her or for him to see or study. So I need to propose a solution like. I understand the problem you are having with your textbook and here is the solution: I can send you a new copy of the textbook. So you can see that right away, I need to suggest a solution, giving her or him a new copy of the book.

Instead of just saying: that is not a good solution. You can the student later, the student may feel like. Okay, you don’t care about the problem that he or she is facing up with. So, please remember: be very specific, give a detailed solution to your customers or your clients.

Last but not least, after you introduce your self, you summarize the problems, you say sorry, and you already propose a solution. What you are going to do now. Very easy. Now, you have to conclude your speaking: you need to say thanks and promise something like. It won’t happen again to make your clients and customers feel okay about using the service in the future.

So now, let’s review one more time the structure of this part: First You need to introduce yourself: your name, your position The second step is that you need to summarize the problems. The step after that is: you need to say sorry. After saying sorry, ou need to propose an appropriate solution. Last but not least, don’t forget the conclusion. And now I want you to pay attention and listen to an audio. It will be: a customer complains about services and products and there will be a model response for you to listen to. And please pay attention and try to remember and try to follow the model answer in this part. Good luck with that:

Theo dõi đoạn hội thoại dưới đây:

Hi, this is Jason Moore, and I bought a new suit at your store last week. The sleeves were too long on the jacketm so I had the tailor at your store alter them. He fixed them, and I picked the suit up, but I didn’t have time to try it on. And now I just put it on, and the sleeves are still too long! I have a job interview early next week, that’s what I bought this suit, but I’m not going to be able to wear this, so… can you let me know what you can do, because I really need something to wear to my job interview. Again, this is Jason moore. Please call me as soon as you can at 555-9898.

Hello. This message is for Jason Moore. I’m returning your call about the suit you pruchased from our store. I’m sorry that the alteration doesn’t work for you. I understand that you have an inter view early next week. That’s when you really need this suit. Our store is open during the weekend. So you can come on Saturday to get the work redont. If that does not work for you , we can offer you a 20-dollar alteration reimbursement, but you need to mention my name, Jane Smith, for this offer, and also, please feel free to call us if you have any questions. Sorry for the inconvenience. Bye.

Toeic Speaking – Bài 5 P2
Bạn cần nói nhiều để học toeic speaking có hiệu quả
Sau đây là một số điểm chú ý mà Ms Quynh Anh muốn bạn biết.

I hope that you guys understand everything. And now let’s look further into the model response: the question, the complaint is not very difficult to understand. Now we are going to anzlyze the model response. What do you think? Is this good response? Tell me your answer. I think it is a very good response for you to follow.

First, you need to see that the woman remembers to address to the customer and after that she introduces herself and her position at the shop an well.

The second step: she mentions again the problem about the seeves are too long. And the second step: she does summarize the problems again. She has mentioned about the seeves are too long.

So it’s very good that she shows the customer that she understands what’s the problem the customer are facing up with, and the next one, she says sorry about that very, very faithfully say sorry so that’s good. And the most important part is about the solution. In this situation, the woman does a very good job as she gives a very specific solution.

She suggests about the time, the location, everything necessary for customer to come and have the sleeves fixed. So this is very good. And even not only about the solution, she also proposes or recommends a discount for the customer.

If I were the customer in that situation, I’d feel very happy and comfortable because my sleeves are fixed and then discount for the next purchase. It’s very good.

I think in this situation, I recommend you guys to suggest or recommend some added benefits to your customers or your clients in order to make it up for the mistake or for the inconveniences you have caused to your customers. So that’s very good and in the end, of course, she doesn’t forget to say goodbye and thanks again.

Qua phần trình bày bằng tiếng Anh rất hay của Ms Quynh Anh, mong các bạn có thể hiệu được một số điểm quan trọng trong bài học. Cách nói, phân tích thông tin, câu từ và cấu trúc thích hợp để giải quyết các vấn đề cho khách hàng. Tôi hy vọng các bạn có thể thành công với bài học toeic speaking này.

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